Computer course

Told by his daughter: “Dad’s company was an an agent for Fortune’s mainframes and the company’s main office was in Monaco. I met my future husband at Computer Standard. He worked for dad while I had working weeks and cleaning work. My husband-to-be thought that as well as being the rich boss’s daughter, I was pretty good at cleaning. He fell head over heels and was really taken in… Dad wasn’t all that rich. It was the yuppie period and the banks were throwing money at every company going. Dad still took the entire family to a conference in Monaco. Dealers came from around the world, but no one had as many employees with as my dad did from Norway. Fortune spent a lot. Dad spent the rest. We stayed at Hotel Hermitage, which cost 2000 francs a night for each room. I was 18 years old and we walked down the red carpet out of the hotel while tourists watched us. There were fast, expensive cars, cabin cruisers and all that – but most of all Dad worked, worked, worked. That was the computer industry in the yuppie era.





Computer course

Berg en Dal. Netherlands


At the barber’s

Paulus Nursing Home

Photographer: Jo Straube (b. 1983), http://www.jostraube.no