Svein Marius Morgenlie


“I was forever hurrying home from work to get a few hours in the woods before dark. On foot, on skis, either ski-jumping or orienteering. My legs would get restless in the spring and I would be out early to put up Nydalen Ski Club’s orienteering posters. I liked to take the children with me: one in each hand and the other in the backpack. We laughed as we trudged around before going home for cocoa and Tjorven on children’s TV.”


Svein Marius Morgenlie (f. 30.06.1939)

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Biotechnology and Science


Club Championship, Grefsen Sports Club, Sinober Cabin


The River Alna at Svartdalen

Photographer: Trygve Indrelid (b.1952),